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Help your backyard birds by planting shrubs and trees that provide food and shelter. Learn how.

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If you have birdfeeders in your backyard, you'll want to participate in Project Feeder Watch, Sponsored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. And be sure to check out our Birds page for information on how to attract birds to your backyard!

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Protect our pollinators! Learn why our future flies on the wings of pollinators and what gardeners can do to help.

About Spring Valley Roses
We offer winter hardy roses and plants for birds. Your plants will be shipped to you bareroot and dormant from early April through mid May.

Ordering/Shipping. Our plants are shipped as bareroot plants when they are dormant from early April to mid May. You can order online from January through early May.

Want to see what our nursery looks like? You can take a virtual tour of our gardens! And, if you need ideas on how to use roses in your garden, visit our page about gardening with roses.

About Our Roses
Our hardy roses can survive the severe winters of Northwestern Wisconsin without protection. We're located in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, which is in the northern part of U.S. hardiness Zone 4. All of our roses are grown on their own roots, which makes them truer to their natural form and less vulnerable to winter injury than budded roses. We offer a wide variety of hardy roses, from Old Garden roses to new Shrub roses. Find out more about our roses in our on-line catalog.

About Our Plants for Birds
We love birds and offer lots of plants just for birds. These plants bring in more and different birds than what you'll see at bird feeders. They also provide shelter and places for birds to nest. These great plants are also very ornamental and are wonderful additions to any garden.

See our listing of plants for birds.


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