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Dividing Perennials Flowers

Perennials are a beautiful type of flower that are a quite popular choice to place in many gardens and around homes, however, it is quite possible for them to not grow in the perfect way and also pose a problem with growing too much in between one another, which will undoubtedly lead to overcrowding. Too fix this issue you will need to learn how to divide perennials in the best way as possible.

In order to begin you need to have the proper tools and materials as well too know the correct growth habits of your perennials prior to dividing them.

The tools that will be needed to begin are 2 spading forks, compost, compost bins, garden spades, compost markers, planting containers and shovels.

Perennials that form into large clumps can be divided by first digging up the entire rooting system and using a spading fork on them. The digging process should include all of the soil from about 6 to 8 inches that are around the perennial roots. After this is completed, the root clumps must be separated by shaking off any excess soil and splitting the roots apart by your hands.

If you have some clumps which are too tight together, you can use both spading forks to separate them. To do this you will need to place the forks with their backsides against each other and then pull the handles away from each other. This will effectively spread the clumps apart.

You can then replant the new divisions directly into the ground or place them inside containers that you will fill with soil mix. This should be followed by watering the plantings well until the soil is completely moist. The older sections of the clumps should be discarded if they look woody or have no signs of new growth.

If you want to divide single stem perennials that have underground stems or have grown by spreading more roots in the ground along with sending more stems above the ground, you can use a shovel or spade to handle them. Simply stick either one straight down into the soil between the groups of stems that are upright and above the ground. By doing this you will separate the plants into different sections.

Now move on to digging up a clump of soil that has roots and about three or four stems growing out of the ground. Get you shovel and dig into the soil about 4 to 5 inches down.

These will be your new plants.

Now you can replant and pot any extra divisions that you may have and refill the original hole with compost. One this is completed you can water the remaining and new plants making sure that the soil is completely moist.

Growing perennials can be a rewording experience and even though things may seem to get out of control with possible over-growth or lack there of, you can properly divide them to suit your needs and improve the look of you garden and home.

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