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Easy Ways to Grow Mint at Home

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Easy Ways to Grow Mint at Home – Summer is nearly coming and the best beverage to enjoy may be your favorite mint tea. You don’t need to buy mint every day because you can grow it in your garden. Planting mint in your garden is very easy and you will just have to pluck the fresh mint leaves at home to enjoy any beverage during the summer.

Two Ways to Grow a Mint
Growing mint can be the easiest gardening project you can try. Mint can grow fast and you can easily have your mint garden by cutting the stem from the fresh mint or store-bought mint. When you buy mint or see a fresh mint plant, you just need to cut the stems around 10 cm long and follow these two different methods.
– In a Moist Soil
The first easy method you can try to grow mint is by planting it directly in moist soil. But before planting it, you will need to remove the leaves and keep the top leaves of the stems. You can stick the stem to the moist soil after that. To make the mint grow well, you will need to keep it out of direct sunlight for around a week. During this time, the roots will grow and the mint will adapt to the new place. When the leaves have grown, you can transfer it to a large pot.

– In a Glass Jar
The second method you can try to grow your mint is by growing the roots in a glass jar filled with water. In this method, you will also need to remove the leaves and keep the top part. Then, instead of planting it directly in moist soil, you will need to place the stems in a glass jar filled with an inch of water. Then you will see the roots around a week. After a week, you can plant the mint in a pot of moist soil.
Mint Treatment.

Treating the mint is not that hard because it can grow as quickly as the jackpot given by in an online games. You just need to water it once a day and prune the leaves to allow new leaves to grow.
Mint can grow easily, even when you just use the store-bought mint. However, it can grow endlessly and may take over your garden so you need to consider planting it in a pot.

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