Flowers and plants with beautiful appeal as a garden decoration

Flowers and plants with beautiful appeal as a garden decoration

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Choosing plants to decorate a home garden is actually not too difficult. You only need to adjust the type of plant to the needs of the garden. For example, if the garden is not too large, then you should choose flowers and plants that can be kept in pots. In addition, when choosing flowers to decorate the garden, you also need to recognize the type of flower and how to treat it. Here are some types of flowers and plants that are suitable for decorating your home garden.

Types of Flowers and Plants to Decorate the Home Garden

1. Begonia
This one plant is a type of ornamental plant that can be used for your garden. The advantage of planting this one plant is that you can use hanging pots. So that it will reduce the place if the land you have is not too large. Begonia is a beautiful flowering plant and can make your garden look more attractive. The petals of the begonias are almost like roses. The flowers themselves can grow from 6 to 8 inches. Care questions, don’t worry. Begonia does not require complicated treatment. This plant likes sunshine, so it is very suitable to be placed in your home garden. But during the dry season, it’s best to place the begonias in a shady place so they don’t dry out and wither.

2. Geranium
This type of plant is also suitable for planting in narrow garden land. Geranium can be planted in a hanging pot to add to the aesthetics of your garden. Geranium has long, dark leaf stems. So that the geranium flowers can bloom, then you must provide lighting for 6 to 8 hours. The flowers are very beautiful making this plant very suitable for decorating  home gardens. During the day, geraniums generally require temperatures of 15-21 degrees Celsius. This plant is suitable for planting in cold areas.

3. Sweet Alyssum
You can also plant flowering plants in pots. Sweet alyssum is a type of flowering plant originating from the Mediterranean region. The flower display is very beautiful and has various colors like purple, white, pink, and so on. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this flower also has a very fragrant aroma and has. The flower shape is also neat. This ornamental plant is very suitable for planting on moist soil. Therefore you must be diligent to water this flower. Do not forget to also give enough sunlight.

4. Portulaca
Flower lovers must have known this type of flower. This flower is often also referred to as sun rose or moss rose because of its shape similar to a rose. Portulaca flower has a leaf stem that penetrates so that it is beautiful if planted in a pot depending on or installed on the wall of your garden. When it propagates, the flowers will grow dangling down. Some color variants of this beautiful flower are yellow, pink, purple, blue, and so on

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