How to take care of cactus to improve our garden appeal

How to take care of cactus to improve our garden appeal

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Cactus is a unique plant that does not require complicated treatment. If you are bored with that type of house-that’s all, you can choose cactus. This one plant can give a different feel to your garden. Cactus usually grows in the desert with difficult conditions, so this plant is easy to adapt to the situation. You can also bring the cactus into the room so that it can provide an eye-catching color touch for your home. Cactus plants can provide interesting views. Want to know how to treat a cactus for your home garden? The following are the tips.

How to Take Care of a Cactus

1. How to choose a healthy cactus when you buy it
First of all, first choose a healthy cactus to maintain in your home garden. This plant may not be chosen much to be nurtured because of its thorny side. But actually, if you know how to care for it, the cactus can grow into a beautiful plant. To find out whether the cactus you will plant at home is healthy or not, try using a pencil or similar object to gently stick the cactus base. Cactus base should be strong and sturdy. If the base is shaky or slippery, you should avoid taking the cactus home. Most likely the cactus has decayed. Another sign of a healthy cactus is the dry part of the soil.

2. How to treat a good and right cactus
Treatment for cactus is actually quite simple. You just give a lot of light. Because the cactus is a desert plant, they need a lot of sunlight. If you put a cactus in the room, look for a position that can provide enough light. For example near the window so the light is not blocked. Lighting can also be obtained from the spectrum or lights. If it doesn’t get enough light, this plant tends to rot. Then, avoid extreme temperatures. A good temperature for cactus is around 18-29 degrees Celsius. Also do not forget to water enough water on the cactus. Cactus should also be given fertilizer at least every two months.

3. Maintain a mini cactus
Some types of cacti that grow outdoors can indeed grow quite high. If you with  are in doubt with a large cactus, you can treat a small cactus. The advantage of maintaining a mini cactus is that you can bring this plant into the house. Types of mini-cactus that are easy to grow are Chin cactus and porcupine cactus. Both also flower. Through flowers that grow on a mini cactus, you can add a beautiful feel to the garden or your room in the house.
Such are some ways of caring for a cactus to be kept in the garden or inside the house.

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