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Reasons To Grow Your Very Own Herbs

Chefs know it. Amateur cooks admit it: Freshly picked herbs are more delicious than anything you’ll find on a spice rack. So why not try growing your own herbs? Many herbs can be maintained throughout the summer with minimal effort. And, the payoffs go beyond your pocketbook.

Herbs are closest to our hearts. Besides being beautiful in their own right, these sturdy, productive plants provide a bounty of flavor and fragrance. That means we get twice the benefits from a single planting: pretty leaves and flowers to look at outdoors, and terrific tastes to enhance our cooking indoors! Herbs can take an average meal and turn it into a gourmet meal.

By changing a few spices you can make one recipe into a new treat.

And if all that wasn’t enough, herbs happen to be some of the most trouble-free plants around. There are various reasons for growing herbs. Herbs are natural pest repellents and maintaining an herb garden is not expensive. You will only need a small amount of organic fertilizers to make the herbs healthy. And,There is nothing quite as delicious as a meal made with freshly picked herbs. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a herb garden in our kitchens, so we resort to dried, irradiated grocery store herbs with little of the original flavor left.

With home-grown herbs come the promise of flavor, scent, healing, and beauty. Open your garden to the beauty of herbs and the rewards will be manifold. Fresh herbs like sage, thyme and oregano growing on your doorstep will not only spice up your cooking and baking but will save you oodles of cash.

Gone are the days when you have to spend $4 for a container of fresh rosemary, when all you need is a teaspoon. Gone too are the days of substituting dry herbs for the more flavorful fresh variety. Gourmet cooking, here we come! When you grow herbs, you will notice that your yard becomes more fragrant and you will truly enjoy the added color. It’s up to you whether you will grow the herbs outdoors (on your yard) or you can also grow them indoors.

Guess what? You CAN have fresh herbs! Whether you have acres of land or just a sunny windowsill in your kitchen, growing your own herbs is a lot easier than you might think. Give it a shot and see if your mind, body and spirit don’t have a bounty as rich as your herb garden.

Planned with thought and care, your herb garden, whether it be a large and traditional one or a window box on a balcony, will become a priceless treasure, ever fascinating and ever changing.

Whether you like to cook or like to eat, nothing tastes as good as something you’ve made yourself. Your herb garden will be a source of fragrant, delicious seasonings for your favorite meals. Let’s get started by preparing the soil for herb garden planting.

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