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Several Plants That Are Suitable For Garden

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Do you want to decorate the backyard garden? Maybe the article below can help you. Gardens or gardens at home are not just a complement. But the garden or garden in your home can also function as an oxygen enhancer in the house. In addition, your garden or garden can also be used as a place to gather with your family while enjoying tea in the afternoon. Even more interesting if you add beautiful ornaments to add a beautiful feel to your home. The following are some types of plants that are suitable for planting in home gardens. Who knows there are several types of plants that are suitable for you.

Types of Plants that are Suitable for Planting in Home Gardens

There are various types of plants that live around us. But not all types of plants are suitable for planting in gardens or home gardens. Some plants can actually reduce the beauty of the garden if forced to grow. The following are the types of plants that are suitable for planting in your home garden.

1. Pine trees
This type of plant is of course very often encountered when traveling to the highlands. The uniqueness and beauty of pine leaves has its own charm so that it is not uncommon for people to plant pine trees as an ornament in the yard to give a cool impression. The type of pine tree that is usually planted is the type of pine with better looks and appeal.

2. Hibiscus
One type of plant is included in the shrub that comes from eastern Asia. Hibiscus has large red flowers. Because of this beauty, many people like to plant hibiscus flowers on their home yards. In Indonesia, usually flowers and leaves of hibiscus are used as ingredients for traditional medicine. Hibiscus can also be dried to drink as the. Japan is a country whose population often uses hibiscus as a hedge plant.

3. Banyan tree
If you have a large garden area, it doesn’t hurt to plant a banyan tree. This one tree has small but large leaves so it looks lush. Plant one banyan tree in a large garden as shade. This tree is easy to plant because it is resistant to disease so it does not need extra care.


4. Bamboo
There are approximately 160 types of bamboo in Indonesia, and 88 of them are endemic bamboo species. The uniqueness of bamboo and the benefits it produces makes many people in  like to plant this plant in their garden or yard. Ornamental bamboo plants suitable for planting in gardens or home gardens that are not too broad.

Now you already know the types of plants that are suitable for planting in home gardens. Please select the plants you like for your home garden

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