Small Garden With Compact and Fresh Looks

Small Garden With Compact and Fresh Looks

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Many people think that a garden must be built on large land. Even though it really isn’t. If you can be creative, then you can make a narrow and modest land as a beautiful and fresh garden. No need to be disappointed if you live in a narrow house with a small yard. A little touch and arrangement, then your narrow land can turn into a unique garden. Curious? The following are tips that you can follow.

Beautiful garden with natural looks

1. Using bright colors and natural elements

Narrow land does not become an obstacle for you to make a garden. You can get around by using bright and natural colors and elements. Use natural elements such as clay, stone, wood, or bamboo to enhance your small garden. You can also use flower pots, wall coverings, or garden furniture. Use flowers with matching colors.

2. Put a bench on the lawn

If you have a narrow yard with grass, please decorate the center using small walkways. Then place a wooden bench in the middle of the path.

Adds furniture to the small garden

3. Plant shady trees

If you don’t have time to take care of the plants, please try to plant shady trees in your yard. Then put garden furniture to relax. You can choose neutral colors like beige, beige or gray. Tropical styles can also make your garden on narrow land more attractive. Try to plant palm trees, bamboo, or wood ornaments. But plants like palm and bamboo need regular maintenance. Because if not the plant can grow to be very lush and instead become mosquito nests.

4. Using pots and plants

A practical way to bring fresh plants to a narrow area is to use a plant and pot as a freshener in the area. You can also add seats so that the garden is small as well as functioning as a comfortable seating area. To make the atmosphere feel more natural, also add the design of the path.

5. Adds furniture to the small garden

To add a feel to your tiny garden, you can put some furniture. For example to add a natural rural feel, please place furniture made of rattan or other decorations made from wood. To give a natural impression, you can give texture to the walls of the garden. This can be applied to narrow land. In addition to adding texture to the wall, you can also use the wall as your garden land by planting hanging plants or vertical gardens. So even though your garden area is narrow, there are still nuances of freshness that can be presented.

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