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Bringing Friendly Nature for Garden

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Garden, this is a part of the house where people need this to be designed as their needs. Garden itself can be a space for anything while people need more space for family time outside of the house. However, sometimes people forget to bring their garden with nature and friendly environment. In this case, we will discuss about the nature and friendly garden to be applied for our garden. First that must be considered for having such a nature and friendly garden is coming from the lawn first. In this case, garden with nature style is better to be covered with natural lawn such as green grass as the most of the ground layer. Sometimes people bring too much concert for the ground layer so it is too hard for having a nature garden.

From the lawn, we can put on many things on it. The thing that can be a good choice for bringing more friendly and nature to the garden is about the trees. Trees are good for being planted to the garden, however we need to consider our garden space. If we don’t have enough space for trees, it is better to bring in a small tree. A tree can be a place for some animals like squirrel, insects, even birds. Speaking of birds, we can build an exterior by using bird box in order to feed the birds that live surrounding the garden. By having this, we can have more nature surrounding the garden. More, we can learn to love nature more.

Bringing Friendly Nature for Garden

Flowers or plants. These are good to be brought in our garden. While we have trees for some animals home, we can bring more colors for the garden trough flowers. Flowers also can attract some insects like bees, butterfly and so on. Planting food plants are good too. In this case, we can have our time to kill by gardening. It is good for having such time while we can eat the plants that we plant on our garden. Rocks, woods, these are kind of things that are better to be put on the garden in case of giving some space for insects. Insect’s sounds are good for bringing more nature for the garden. Don’t ever forget one thing that is very important for the garden. It is about to properly treat the garden regularly to keep the garden clean and good for its look.

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