Cheap and Easy Ways to Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

Cheap and Easy Ways to Regrow Vegetables from Scraps

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Going grocery shopping every day might be a hassle, especially during this pandemic. You will be surprised because you can easily have an endless stock of vegetables at home by growing them from scraps. There are lots of vegetables you can regrow from scraps, here is the list and how to grow them yourself.
– Leafy Greens
Some leafy greens, like bok choy and lettuce, can grow endlessly even when they are cut. Meaning that you can always cut the leaves and grow them again for future harvests. All you need to do here is to keep the root part of the plant and put it in a bowl with a little water. Then, place it in a sunny area and mist it with a little water every day.

– Root Crops
You can also regrow some root crops, such as beets, carrots, parsnips, radishes, and others at home. The method is quite the same as the previous method where you need to grow the crops in a bowl filled with a little water. It will allow the leaves to grow or it will also allow the plant to regrow, before you plant it in soil.

– Herbs
Herbs are very common plants you can easily grow at home from the cutting or scraps. All you need to do here is to cut the stems around 10 cm long and keep the top leaves only. You can directly place the stems in a glass of water and wait for the roots to sprout. But, you need to make sure that the top leaves are not covered in water.

– Onion and Garlic
Onions and garlic can be grown easily from bulbs or stems. You just need to take a small part of the bulbs with the roots attached and place them in a bowl filled with little water. Then, you will notice that the leaves begin to sprout and you can harvest it in no time like when you play online Poker. If you want, you can transfer them to soil and you will have an endless stock of onion and garlic.

By growing your own vegetables, you can not only save more money, but you will also reduce the amount of food waste at your home. Plus, it can be a great starter to build your very own vegetable garden at home.

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