How to make a beautiful oriental style garden

How to make a beautiful oriental style garden

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A garden is a complementary part of the house. Although called complementary, but the garden at home can function into various things. For example as a place to gather with family, to make the house look greener and more beautiful, and to add oxygen in the house. No need to worry if your land is small, you can still build a beautiful garden. Want to be different from the others? Try to build a garden in an oriental style. The following are some tips that you can follow.

Tips on decorating a garden with an Oriental theme

1. Choose suitable flowers
If you want to make an oriental style garden, then you must choose the type of flower that is suitable. Choose bright colors of flowers such as yellow, red or pink. Flowers with beautiful colors will attract the attention of people passing by in front of your house. If your land is narrow, please plant it in a flowerpot. This method is very appropriate to add aesthetics while overcoming the garden land that is not too large. Your pot can be arranged in such a way as to add to the beauty of your home.

2. Add nuances of nature through rock patterns
For home gardens that are oriental in style, you can add rock patterns. It doesn’t need a large area. Your garden can still look neat and well organized. Choose the concept of the floor by using natural stone with a random pattern. This rock pattern adds a natural impression with a neat solid style. Making a garden also looks like a comfortable spot to hang out with family for hours.

3. Add mini plants in the garden
If your home garden is narrow, why not use mini-sized plants? You can use small trees with low altitude. Small trees can add a dimensional perspective so that your home garden looks wider. Plant trees in layers in the garden of your home. If you want to add an oriental feel, you can also use bonsai. Put the bonsai in a pot so it’s easy to arrange it.

4. Adding edging to give a beautiful and rapid impression
Edging is indeed very often used for home gardens. If your garden is small, edging, aka giving this limit, will be very helpful for a clean and neat effect. You can add edging with stone material in the form of paving, or brick or natural stone.

5. Oriental Style Garden or Home Garden
For those of you who want to add an Asian-style oriental style in the garden of the house, enough decorative elements in your garden. Besides adding flowers and mini plants like bonsai, you can add plants like bamboo. Do not forget also a set of low furniture to present a stylish space but still function as your gathering space with family. You can also add lantern-shaped lights to add more style to your garden

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