Small Garden with Natural View

Small Garden with Natural View

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House or a building will be better to be built with space that brings nature for the atmosphere. Here, garden is a space that people use to keep connected with nature. Gardens are available to be designed with many variant of style and view. However, nature and green garden seems a good choice to make balance view while nowadays people are building their house with minimalist and modern design that not showing nature at all. Nature theme will enhance the environment surrounding the house or building. However, small space for garden seems to be a problem for now.

Here, in case of bringing our garden with natural theme but we have small spaced garden, we need to consider the design which are suited with it. To make a small garden, we need to think about the decorations too. However, we can start from the ground first. To bring nature theme, it is better to have the lawn with green grass because this green color from the grass will bring fresh air and atmosphere to the garden. While, if we want to balance the green grass for the lawn, we can also bring in some small stones or even stepping stone to build the path on the garden so we can walk on in without worrying to step the grass.

Decorations. In case of building the small garden with natural view, we can have some decorations with natural looks. For example, we can use decoration like tree to be planted on the garden. Considering that the garden has small space, we can choose to plant small tree. This can be a spot for viewing the nature where sometimes small animals and insects are living on the tree. More, we can have some hard scape too. This can be great when have waterfall, mini waterfall or even water wall that can show more view of nature.

In having small garden with natural view, we as human are showing that we are depended to nature in our life. In this case, we need to have the garden not only with great view of nature but also we need to balance the garden with its function and aesthetic value. We can make our garden the spot of water absorption or even being the air refreshment. All goods on the garden is important to be considered. All of it, we as the owner are responsible for the garden.

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